Testamony From A Former Student

From Michael


Grant was my guitar teacher for a little over two years, during which time I learned to play the guitar from scratch and made many leaps and bounds along the way.


If I had to describe what I think made him a good teacher, I guess I would start with his being good at communication.  He showed this in his clear explanations of everything he wanted me to learn each week, and pointed out anything that I was doing wrong and how to correct it.


Another valuable attribute that Grant possesses is his infinite patience.  This is something that I greatly appreciated when it came to a skill that I struggled with or had forgotten, as this could slow down my progress at times.


Still, however, Grant never allowed such setbacks to frustrate him.  This is because he understood my experience as a learner of guitar, since he remembered his early days of playing guitar and the several teachers that he had.


But most importantly, at the end of our two-year-long sessions, he made me confident in my skills that I had learned from him, as well as the skills that I would continue to learn and develop in the future without his instruction.


So, if you are looking for a friendly guitar teacher with an effective teaching method, Grant is the perfect candidate for this role.

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