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Grant Guitar lessons offers beginner ,Latin , intermediate and advanced guitar lessons



Want to learn the basics of your guitar, then sign up with the Guitar Fundamentals Courset.

Latin Guitar

Latin Guitar

Learn the basics and various style of Latin Guitar and strumming techniques

Intermediate Guitar

Intermediate Guitar

The intermediate Guitar lessons will help you master your chords, create and play complete songs to improve your confidence.

Advanced Guitar

Advanced Guitar

The Advanced Guitar course will teach you chord extensions, guitar improvisations, electric guitar techniques including Legato

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Whether you are in the Guitar Fundamentals, Latin, Intermediate and Advanced classes you will learn how to tune your guitar and learn rhythm by ear and equipment

Avoiding Strain and Injury

Avoiding Strain and Injury

You will learn techniques to avoid neck, back and hand strain while playing the guitar in long and short periods. You will also be taught to see the warning signs of strain and take appropriate action to avoid injury..

Why Choose Us

We Give You The Best Facilities to Learning

Free Equipment

We encourage all guitar students to purchase their own guitars whether its an acoustic or electric. However, in exceptional circumstances we can provide a temporary instrument at the studio

High Tech

Grant Guitar lessons is high tech and internet savy and can help guitar students learn anywhere. We can connect via Zoom for individuals and group lessons

Music Studio

Grant Guitar Lessons has an in home music studio for individual lessons

Expert Teacher

Grant MacDonald is an expert in teaching acoustic and electric guitar over 20 years

Our Program

Grade Programs

Grant Guitar Lessons has courses for beginners to adult level players


We have a Guitar Fundamentals Course for beginning guitar students to take the fear out of learning. There are step by step modules to walk each student by the hand

Young People

Grant Guitar lessons is perfect for young people and teenagers who want to learn how to play guitar from an expert especially on line


If you are an adult that have taken lessons and have stopped for any reason, we can help you If you are an intermediate or advanced guitar learner and want to improve/sharpen your acoustic/electric guitars skills, we have plans to help you

Join Our Class

Learn The Music From The Core & Become Mastery

When you sign up with Grants Guitar Lessons you are getting a music education from an expert with 20 years of training. Students are taught step by step by a teacher who understands the challenges of learning how to play guitar from beginner to advanced stage.

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Expert in teaching Acoustic and Electric Guitar for 20 years in Mississauga.

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