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As the beginning guitar student progresses well in the Fundamentals course there will be a time when it they are ready to graduate. That individual can end their journey learning how to play guitar OR take the path to the next level. If a student wants to become a better guitar player, offers the Intermediate Guitar Level course.

What will the Graduate of the Guitar Fundamentals course learn in the Intermediate level course?

1.They will have a good ear or feeing for music and will still be learning chords and playing techniques

  1. They have a passion for the guitar and are determined to move forward and gaining momentum.
  2. They will know where all the notes on their guitar, they have a good knowledge of chords, can play solos and a few complete songs.
  3. They have learned the basics of the Guitar Progressions chart. That means the major chords, minor chords, Dominant 7 chords and major 7 chords.
  4. The intermediate level student should be able to play some complete songs without interruption. The student should have a good rhythm and timing and should start to feel the music. .(source:
  1. The length of time from the guitar fundamentals to the intermediate level should be about 12 months\
How to Access the Course

The Intermediate Guitar course is open to graduates of the Guitar Fundamentals course as well as experienced students . The course will have 6 fundamentals modules and 6 advanced modules. In addition we will have up to 26 videos that can be accessed on line as long as you have internet access and a desktop and laptop computer or tablet. However, the videos are accessible if you signed up with a monthly learning package through a membership portal with password protection.

We also have in class lessons for students for up to 2 hours per day, but you must have proof of vaccination from COVID-19 for your safety and that of the instructor.

Since we have to keep up with Intergrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) technologies, Zoom video conference is available. Video conferencing will be available for all students regardless of the learning packages they signed up for on an individual or group conferencing. There is a cost to this service.

We will also at the discretion of the instructor place pdf files on google Drive for download (such as chords, songs, diagrams etc).

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